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Ray's Favorites

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66 photos
Created 21-Jun-16
Modified 21-Jun-16
Ray's Favorites

6-18-2016 Sandhill Cranes

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16 photos
Created 21-Jun-16
Modified 21-Jun-16
6-18-2016                Sandhill Cranes

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My Piece Of Heaven 2015

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Modified 23-Dec-16
851 photos

My Piece Of Heaven

Galleries 30
Modified 6-Mar-15
1298 photos

We Are Family

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3753 photos

Dupage County Forest Preserves

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Modified 30-Apr-16
2587 photos

State Parks, Forest Preserves, Nature Centers and Landmarks

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Ray's Favorites

Visitors 301
66 photos
Created 21-Jun-16
Modified 21-Jun-16
Ray's Favorites


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28 photos
Created 9-Nov-12
Modified 9-Nov-12

Cactus Flower 2011

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145 photos
Created 31-Aug-11
Modified 31-Aug-11
Cactus Flower 2011

Arizona 2011

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Modified 14-Apr-11
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Snow Scenes

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Misc. Road Trips

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Power Lifting, Body Building and Physique Competitions

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Marathons, Urbanathlons, and Monsters

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South Dakota, Wyoming

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Random Assignments

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Janels Portfolio

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Janel's JSK Photos

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Created 19-Jul-11
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Janel's JSK Photos

Rain on Cactus Flower 2011

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73 photos
Created 9-Sep-11
Modified 9-Sep-11
Rain on Cactus Flower 2011

2013 April Floods

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206 photos
Created 19-Apr-13
Modified 19-Apr-13
2013 April Floods


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Created 6-Mar-15
Modified 6-Mar-15


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Created 30-Apr-14
Modified 30-Apr-14

My Piece Of Heaven 2016

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Modified 22-Dec-16
47 photos
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Guestbook for MyPieceOfHeaven.Photography - Photographer Raymond Vegter
Hey Ray! Glad I stumbled upon your website! I really enjoyed looking at your photos, especially the close-ups of flowers and such. Best of luck to you!
Ali Catchot(non-registered)
Love your photos! Thanks for sharing them
Lee Ann Kuchenbecker(non-registered)
Your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing. You are truly an artist!
I love the flowers, birds, butterfiies and the tulips are very special ;-)
I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about your future endeavors!!!
Ray, you are amazingly talented both at creating this piece of heaven and photographing it for us mere mortals to enjoy. Thank you!
Stuart Burrill Photography(non-registered)
Ray - some truly wonderful images. I love the flowers & butterflies.
Cheers, Stuart.