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Hey Ray! Glad I stumbled upon your website! I really enjoyed looking at your photos, especially the close-ups of flowers and such. Best of luck to you!
Ali Catchot(non-registered)
Love your photos! Thanks for sharing them
Lee Ann Kuchenbecker(non-registered)
Your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing. You are truly an artist!
I love the flowers, birds, butterfiies and the tulips are very special ;-)
I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about your future endeavors!!!
Ray, you are amazingly talented both at creating this piece of heaven and photographing it for us mere mortals to enjoy. Thank you!
Stuart Burrill Photography(non-registered)
Ray - some truly wonderful images. I love the flowers & butterflies.
Cheers, Stuart.
Janis Herd Photography
Hi Ray -- I really enjoyed looking around your little piece of heaven. The Cooper's Hawk images are fantastic, as are many others. I'll bet the hawk is the scourge of your bird feeders. I also loved the butterflies and hummingbird moth photos. I take a lot of my photos at home, too -- because I'm always here tending our plants, birds, and animals.
Also, thanks for the tip on making a live link in the forum!
Sungazer Photography and Images
I've enjoyed looking through your galleries - you have a knack for capturing a mood on camera. Cheers!
Jack Quintero Photography
Hi Ray, Your little Piece of Heaven makes for a terrific visit--some really special work you've done around the place. In your Favze, there's a flower called 2087 that made my eyes pop! I'll be back often to check out your rich mine of images. Thanks again for showing me how to make a working link--and also for visiting my site.
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